For many years, NASTA published a printed directory of stallions approved by its member bodies, thereby providing breeders with an independent central reference source for stallions at stud, with the assurance that every stallion had been inspected to NASTA veterinary standards.

In recent years, the production costs and the difficulties and costs of distribution for a printed directory have been considered prohibitive. A proposal to continue the Directory in an Internet-based form has been on the table for some time, without attracting significant support from member bodies, which may feel that their own web sites are sufficient.

NASTA would be interested in receiving breeders' views on the potential value of recreating the NASTA Directory of Approved Stallions in Internet form. Our stance at present is that, in view of the number of commercial stallion directories already available on the Internet, we would not undertake the considerable effort involved in creating a new one unless there is significant unsatisfied demand from breeders. Please use the Contact page to let us know your thoughts.